JSON Keys - Fraudulent traffic detector


ip (string) - IP address consulted

ip_num (integer) - Number format of IP consulted

country_name (string) - Name of the country in English

country_code (string) - ISO Code 3166 Alpha-2 of the IP consulted

city (string) - City Name

isp (string) - ISP of the IP consulted

domain (string) - Domain IP

block (integer) For block we can return 3 states (0,1,2) and they mean the following:

block: 0 - Residential IP address / unclassified - Good IP
block: 1 - Non-residential IP address (server, VPN, proxy, etc.) - Bad IP
block: 2 - Non-residential and residential (Beware: they can be innocent people.) - IP in research

For our part, we recommend that to block a user, use level of Risk 1 (that is, only block when block == 1). It is the right value to block users with dark intentions and avoid blocking innocent users.