Preface - Fraudulent traffic detector


How do we detect fraudulent IPS?

Through an automated Software, we have automated systems capable of gathering and updating the IPS database of the whole world. We categorize this information into 3 types (Housing, Business and Residential). An IP can belong to one or several categories (Mixed ISP). The research is based on properties such as host names, range locks and IPS Blacklists.

For Proxies and VPN, we collect information from all possible Internet sources. We keep our database up-to-date in order to have maximum precision when analyzing an IP, and offer a service with the highest possible quality.

Fight against Fraud

Our goal is to detect fraudulent traffic to protect our customers from malicious actions that may harm projects hosted on the network, and that aims to stay safe in the cloud. It is not only protecting your site, but also the rest of users who use your application.